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Making God Number One

Dear Family,
The emergence of Jesus Christ in our lives is amazing. God sent His son to die for us and NOT only that, His death meant a lot more than we can think or comprehend. JESUS came to take place in our lives` challenges and in eternity. Literally, He went through all things in our behalf, so that we don`t have to go through the same things .The total price of redemption was paid for .No “BALANCE’’ left that we could continue paying by installment, by our good works or deeds. He did every thing He will ever do or could have done to give us a right standing and reconcile us back to God. But then, we slap Him a priority in our daily lives .God wants to be number one in our lives and nothing else should take His place. Whoever we obey, or whatever we give priority to, takes the first place and becomes our, whatever, or whoever controls us and we obey, THAT’S OUR MASTER. We may not want to confess this, we may not even want to think it that way, we may not accept it, but it is true. There only two masters. You and I MUST CHOOSE one of them.

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Making God Number One
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