The Fellowship of Prayer

Dr. Eunice
By Dr. Eunice

The grace of the lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all .Amen. (2Cor13:14)

Anyone who wants to have a good standard praying ought to emulate Jesus. When you study His prayer life, you will identify what he did that the religious people of his day didn’t do, for which reason he had such outstanding results I prayer: He separated the labor of prayer from the fellowship of prayers. There`s such a thing as “prayer labor” or “Prayer work” which we should do but his prayer his prayer fellowship is what really need to emulate; that`s what was different about his prayer life .That`s what will enrich our lives and make our pray labor much ore effective His prayer labor wasn’t different from that of the great prophets who come before Him. Moses, Joshua Elijah, Elisha, David etc., all prayed and their prayers are chronicled for us in scripture. But there was something that they didn’t have which the lord Jesus brought in: living in the father`s presence in continual fellowship. This was different and new. Jesus lived in the father`s presence, in continual fellowship .

The reason they couldn’t was that they didn’t have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did .No one can walk in such extraordinary fellowship with father except the Holy Spirit. It`s his ministry and delight to bring us into that place of constant and continual fellowship with father.

That’s why the apostle Paul, by the Spirit, prayed thus in our opening verse. That was given to us to just recite as closing benediction during our church service and meetings .It was revelation. The father is in heaven, the lord Jesus is in heaven, but the Holy Spirit is here with us on earth. In him we have the presence of Jesus and father. He doesn’t come and go: We have his dwelling place. He talks to us all time. As we listen to him we`re guide, instructed led in the path of excellence, glory, dominion and power.


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