Dearest saints,





This week we want to delve more into grace by comparing it to Old Testament law. This will enable us to appreciate Jesus our Lord much more than before as we realize what He brought us out of.

You see, none of us could have been able to keep the law. We could never have met the law’s standards. The law was like a 100% grade that you could never attain. Only Jesus got a perfect 100% score.   If you scored 99%, you would still have failed. (James 2:10) You can go by your own efforts, let’s say you get an 85% mark, or you can depend on the 100% score that Jesus got for you. The law was given to show man that He needed salvation. The law was given to show you that you are unrighteous. (Rom. 3:20) The law was like a seven-foot measuring stick to show you that you were only 5 1/2 feet tall. The law was a straight edge, to show you how crooked you were.

According to Colossians 2:17 and Hebrews 10:1 the sacrifices of the Old Covenant are referred to as a shadow. If you see a shadow of a man holding a knife, you would know the substance is not too far from you. The shadow showed you that the real was on the way. The law was like a mirror that showed you that you have soup on your face after dinner, but it didn’t clean your face for you.

Look at this comparison of the law and grace. You can substitute the word grace for Jesus Christ, and you would be correct because as we found out, He is grace personified.

The law imposes divine standards to               Grace imparts divine life based on God’s

show man his sinfulness                                  benevolence

The law came by Moses                                   Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

The law prohibits us from coming to God.       Grace bids us to come as we are.

The law condemns the sinner.                         Grace redeems the sinner.

The law slays with a curse                               Grace quickens with the Blessing

The law shuts every mouth                              Grace opens every mouth in praise to God

The law says: do this or die                             Grace says it is done: now live.

The law says: try, do your best                         Grace says: trust and rest

The law condemns the best of men                  Grace justifies the worst man

The law says: pay what you owe                     Grace says: It is paid in full.

The law provides the basis for sin                   Grace provides the basis for righteousness

The law says the wages of sin is death             Grace says the gift of God is eternal life

The law says the soul that sins shall die           Grace says believe only and live

The law reveals man’s sin                                Grace reveals God’s love

The law grants us the knowledge of sin           Grace grants us the knowledge of redemption

The law demands obedience                            Grace gives us the power to obey

The law was written on stone                           Grace is written in our hearts

The law brings us to bondage                          Grace sets us at liberty

The law genders fear                                        Grace genders faith

The law was done away at Calvary                   Grace abides forever.


Which side do you live in? Everything grace does, that’s Christ at work for us and in us. That’s where we should live today. Somebody praise the Lord!