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Dear Saints,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name. I hope you enjoyed our bulletin series “I love my church”

In the last few weeks.

In this bulletin I want to talk about how God provides for His people. He has two ways.

He has two ways to do this for those who trust Him.

  1. By a Miracle
  2. By blessing.

What’s the difference between these two avenues of provision? A miracle by definition is:

Extra-ordinary, exceptional, superseding or a suspension of natural law

Not normal…….

A miracle is characterized by exceptional qualities, out of the norm, it supersedes natural law and so forth. There is a difference between a healing and a miracle.

As per definition, a miracle will be “not the norm”. A person who has eye balls in their sockets but is blind can be healed and receive their sight…..this is a healing. On the other hand a person who has no eye balls at all and he receives his sight back. That’s a miracle because his eye balls have to be replaced in their sockets.

A miracle calls for total “parts replacement”, while healing is a correction (repair) of parts that are there but dysfunctional, or not working properly.

A miracle is always needed in critical situations, or crisis. God never intended for us to live in crisis. He has blessed us and He wants us to live that way.

The second means of provision is by blessing. The word “blessing” means, empowered to prosper. That empowerment protects and prevents any attackers in any form to course harm to us. For example, our bodies are created in such a way that it has its own ability to heal or cure itself of all viral attacks. We should live in divine health, nothing missing, and nothing broken. This is how God wants us to live. By His blessing and not miracles. I am not at all against miracles, I have seen several myself and loved it. But it’s not God’s best. He loves us so much He will use whichever way we can believe Him for. If we believe Him for a miracle He will perform it. If we believe Him for divine health He will give it too. If you want financial “miracle” every end of the month, you will get it. As for me, I don’t want any miracles. I want to live in divine health, divine protection, and divine provision such that all my needs are met and l lack nothing. Can this happen? Absolutely. I want to live in the blessing……don’t you? So, are miracles wrong? Check it out in SPREADING THE LIGHT BULLETIN NEXT WEEK……ITS POWERFUL. We love you. 


ONE A WEEK………for am not ashamed of the gospel………