Faith Christian Fellowship exists to help ministers fulfill the call God has given. It provides fellowship, mentorship and accountability to pastors and other five fold ministers. FCF of Kenya holds monthly pastor’s seminars as well bi-annual ministers and church leaders’ conferences. These ministers’ conferences attract ministers from all counties of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea and the nation of Rwanda.
Through these seminars and conferences, marriages are strengthened, church leaders equipped and encouraged. Remarkable spiritual and numerical growth has been reported in many churches.


Father’s House Family church is a sending church. Currently, we have a missionary to the nation of Rwanda. Emmanuel Butichi, nicknamed Brother Sakasaka is now the pastor of Father’s House Church Kigali.  His family relocated there (His wife Beatrice and four children) live and minister full-time in the nation of Rwanda.  The Church is growing and many souls are coming to Jesus and being discipled.