I love my church part:6

Eunice-Victor-e1455974361511THE CHURCH


1 Chron. 29:1-5

Dear Saints,
Am so excited. God has been speaking great things to us regarding His
Church lately. We need to pay close attention to what He is saying so that we don’t fall short of any of His blessings. These are truths will change your life forever.

Well, Iet us go back to what David said … David gave only one reason for his giving to the church! He said, “Because I have set my affection to the house of my God … I have given to the …….” Listen, no matter what you do, whether it is giving tithes & offerings, singing in the choir, teaching, ushering, or just sitting on a pew every Sunday morning, Wednesday, or Thursday night, do it because you love Jesus!


There is a statement I want you to hear from Neh 10:39 “We will not forsake the house of our …”
The word forsake means: neglect, to let go, or to let loose.”
It literally means to forsake or desert.
Now just as it is inexcusable for a man to forsake his wife or vice versa, it is inexcusable for a Christian to forsake his/her church! I want to give you several ways one can forsake or neglect his/her church!

There are some people who neglect their church by just not coming!
They just don’t show up … They have filled the church with their absence!
Even though we miss them, they don’t really miss us!

A little boy was absent from school one day, and the next day when he came back, the teacher said, “George, did you miss school yesterday?” * He said, “No ma’am, not a bit!” There are a lot of church members who have forsaken the church and don’t even miss it!

But, it’s also possible to come to church every Sunday and still neglect the church! There are some who come to church and basically just take up space! The only thing they do contribute is their presence … They don’t give, work, serve, witness, worship, some of them don’t even sing, they just come!

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I want you to come, I thank God that you come, I’m glad that you come! I’m simply saying that it is possible to come and still neglect the church! Participate in singing, worship, praise….etc.

Another way we can neglect our church is by just simply not caring at all!
I’m afraid that there are too many in the church today that just don’t care!
They don’t care if anybody gets saved, baptized, if they ever build a building, raise money for the building fund, etc. It just simply makes no difference to them! Our church is just like every other church, it is full of willing people!
Some willing to work and the rest willing to let them work.
Sometimes when things go undone in our church, it’s because nobody’s willing to do it!….so who will do it? Listen to this funny story…Check it out next week. You are blessed. We love you.

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