I love my Church:part 9

Eunice-Victor-e1455974361511THE CHURCH

1 Chronicals. 29:1-5


Dearly Beloved,


Many people have all kinds of excuses about why they don’t do church,
Why they don’t commit, why they don’t get involved, and why they just like to stay in the “out skirts” of the church. One thing that is disturbing to me is the
discovery of the fact that hypocrites hate to be with hypocrites.

Most used excuse is “the church is filled with too many hypocrites … I live just as good as your members do!” Yes, I know that there are hypocrites in the church, and yes, I know that there are people who don’t go to church who live better lives than some people who do go to church! But don’t judge the whole by a few bad apples!

I heard about a preacher who visited a farmer to invite him to church.
The farmer said, “Well, I’m never coming to your church, Preacher.”
The preacher said, “Why not?” * The farmer said,
“Because I know some of the members of your church & I live a lot better than they do.”

Sometime later, the preacher bought a pig from the farmer.
He said, “I want you to sell me the smallest, ugliest, sickliest pig that you’ve got.” Well, the farmer, amazed, gave him exactly what he asked for.
After he paid for it, he said to the farmer, “I’m going to take this sick, small, ugly pig to everybody in the community and tell them that I bought it from you.” The farmer said, “Now Preacher, that’s not fair, I’ve got a lot of pigs that are nicer and bigger and fatter than that pig.”
The preacher said, “Buddy, if it’s fair for the church, it’s fair for the pigs!”

You should never let a hypocrite keep you away from the house of God!
I’m like that old country fellow who said, “I’d rather chase a rabbit and not catch it, than to chase a skunk and catch it!”
I’d rather go to church with a few hypocrites on earth than to spend eternity with them in hell! There is never an excuse that God will accept for a professing Christian not to go to church!

I thank God for our church & I love my church!
I love it enough to give it my loving affection, I love it enough to give it my loyal allegiance, and I love it enough to give it my lasting attendance!
How about you today? Do you really and honestly love your church?
We love you.

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