News Letter: September 2015

Dear friends and partners,
Grace and peace to you from our Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
It’s been a while since we communicated with you. It was wonderful to visit some of you last summer and to thank you in person for standing with us in the gospel. We had a wonderful, safe visit and we thank those of you who hosted us, fed us and sent us on our way back to Kenya.
We are excited to be back. We sort of hit the ground running as we prepared to receive 170 guests from out of town, some from out of the country as well as our main guest minister Mrs. Gail Buse.

Pastor Victor and Marry
Pastor Victor and Marry

We’re so thankful to the Lord that the conference was such a
success. It was so thrilling to be reunited with ministers from all
over the country, and to meet new people we had not met before.
It was really special to meet new laborers of the harvest from the
Turkana tribe in Northern Kenya. This is a largely unreached tribe of really ethnic pastoral (cattlemen etc) people. Now they have a
new Bible School in their area. It was wonderful to see our
missionary to Kigali Rwanda back home as well as a new
minister’s family from Uganda. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship,
the ministry time, the Word and great times of worship, basking in
the presence of God.

Prior to our traveling to the United States, in June, our Bible college students has just visited and preached the gospel in a local men’s prison where 25 men gave their lives to Jesus. These Bible School students who are still reaching out to the lost this term are due to graduate on December 20. Our Church youth team also ministered in a local high school where they led 35 students (everyone in the class-room) to Jesus.
As I write this, security cameras that some of you donated are being set up in the church sanctuary. Security preparedness has become quite a necessity in our nation. Thank you, all who came up with these much, needed tools.

ASomeone's weddingmidst the beehive of activity here in Ruiru, where three new couples are preparing to get married in our church, one of our young men from the Children’s home is preparing for graduation from University as well as the upcoming Bible College mega graduation day (events, events and more events) we’re thankful for you. Thank you for your prayers that keep us going. Thank you for your giving. May every favor and earthly blessing come to you in abundance so that you are always having enough for your family and ministry and a lot left over to give.

Mrs Gail BuseMrs. Gail Buse sent us this Rabbinical translation of the Blessing in Numbers 6. It is also our prayer for you.
Numbers 6: 24-26. Rabbinical translation
The Lord abundantly adores you and protects you as with a hedge about you. The Lord commits without fail His presence and His favor to be luminous and glorious as set on fire over and above you, making supplication and prayer and granting mercy to gush forth on you. The Lord raise up and bring forth His favor and presence over and around you and give you His health, prosperity, safety in mind, body, and estate, complete wholeness, knowing all is well and all will be well.

Victor and Eunice Mwangi

Eunice & Victor
Father’s House Family Church
A Ministry of
Faith Christian Fellowship, Kenya
Pastors Victor & Eunice Mwangi
P. O. Box 1929-00232, Ruiru, Kenya

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