Dearest brethren,




As we saw in last week’s bulletin, the grace of God is quite multi-faceted. The Bible calls it the manifold grace of God. (1 Peter 4:10) That means it has many different forms or elements. And the Bible also says we should be good stewards of that multifaceted grace. This means we make good use of it and not waste it.

Although it is so multifaceted, it is not too big for us to partake of. You could say that it is too big to miss. However, for grace to work in your life, you must yield to it. Just like you yielded to saving grace when you confessed the Lord Jesus as Lord of your life and you were born again. In the same manner, grace for any other need in your life has to be yielded to for it to work for you. In other words, you must respond to grace for it to make you come out victorious every time.

We can compare God’s grace to electricity. If you think of the electric supply in your house, once you pay the power company, it is available for your use. It is available for your lights, your water heater, your stove, your blender, your TV or radio, your phone charging etc. Yet it is the same supply – electricity. So is the grace of God – it is the same supply but it has many applications.

Now, if you don’t plug into electricity or turn on the switch, you could stay in darkness even though the supply is there. Jesus has already paid the bill for you to partake of His grace. It is free to you, you don’t have to work for it. It wasn’t free to Jesus. He paid a huge price so you could switch it on or plug into it for your benefit. Basically, the supply is available and waiting for you to turn on your switch of faith or to plug in by faith.

Grace has been defined as God’s hand stretched out to us, while faith has been defined as the hand that reaches out and takes from the hand of God. Though the grace is unmerited or unearned and undeserved, it doesn’t mean that you stay aloof because you don’t deserve it. Grace is a favor to you. The way to receive a favor is just to take it and be thankful for it.

What you receive out of the grace of God depends on what you plug in. For example: With electricity, if you plug a fan, you’ll get a cool flow of air. If you plug a fridge, you get cold and even freezing temperature to preserve your food. If you plug a tv and turn it on, you’ll get a video that you watch. If you plug a hair dryer, you get hot flowing air. You’ll get different results depending on what you plug in. The question is, what do you need from the grace of God? Just like you learned to work with electricity, you will have to learn to work with and depend on the grace of God.

What do you desire from His grace today? What do you need? No matter what the need, you can find information in the Word of God about how to access the grace for that specific need.

For example: if what you need is healing for your body, there is ample healing grace available for you. Jesus took stripes on His back for your healing. He paid a high price for the availability of healing grace for all.   If you get sick, never try to do something good to earn your healing. The price is already paid. Just receive your healing based on the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection or based on the Father’s love for you. Just say: My Father loves me. He sent Jesus to pay the price for my healing. Based on the stripes He suffered, I

receive my healing. Amen. Then walk on in health and strength.