The heart of Serving

February 3, 2019

Luke 22:24-27

Dear Saints,

Greetings. I trust that you are well in The Lord. We are still discussing the subject of planning which is so vital in our lives, that if we do not plan, someone else will plan for us. In the above scripture, we find the disciples having a strife as to which one of them should be the greatest. This is true even today in our very lives.

I find so many Christians, and supposedly believers who fight for positions and meaningless titles. Meaningless because the title do not make you to be what you are not. Rather, what you are gives you the title.

You shall not be like the “gentiles” who fight over positions. Position your self to do something for the Kingdom and that “positioning,” will take you to the place of authority. And remember, for every place of authority there is responsibility, you can have responsibility without authority, but you cannot have authority without responsibility. The bottom line is, serve mankind.

Jesus positioned Himself to serve and as He did, He was elevated. If you desire to go to higher heights in God or even career, learn to serve. Look for every opportunity to serve and as you do, you are serving God. Let us all purpose to serve God, through man.