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Let’s go back to 2nd Kings.  There’s so much we can learn about the Holy Spirit in this book particularly in the matter of the flow of God’s Anointing and equipping.  First, at the beginning of this book, we find the conclusion of the ministry of the prophet Elijah.  He was about to be taken away to heaven in a whirlwind and the Lord had let his predecessor/prodigy Elisha know that.

As he was concluding his ministry Elijah being one of the major prophets of Israel asked Elisha to ask for anything.  Elisha did not take this casually but asked for a double portion of his spirit.  He put a faith demand on the spirit that He had seen operating in Elijah.  What does this mean?  Does it mean he was going to have more of the Holy Spirit than Elijah?  We know that God directed Elijah to anoint Elisha in his place.  Therefore, Elisha was to continue with the ministry of Elijah and complete it.  In other words, Elijah literally passed on the baton to Elisha to continue with his ministry.

Double portion means that Elisha was definitely going to flow with a stronger anointing after Elijah was taken away.  We need to realize this one thing though.  You can’t get more of the Holy Spirit than you have right now.  When you received the Holy Spirit, you received Him in His fullness.  It’s not a matter of more of Him, it’s a matter of how much more of you He can get. He fills only what is yielded to Him. The idea of a double portion in the Bible is one of a double blessing. It was typically used in the Old Testament to refer to the birthright, or the inheritance received by the oldest son. For example, Deuteronomy 21:17 says, “He shall acknowledge the firstborn, the son of the unloved, by giving him a double portion of all that he has, for he is the firstfruits of his strength. The right of the firstborn is his.”

The request by Elisha for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit in 2 Kings 2 referred likewise to being doubly blessed in his life and ministry. Interestingly, Scripture records exactly twice as many miracles through Elisha (28 miracles) as took place through Elijah (14 miracles).  Who performed these miracles through the prophet Elisha?  The Holy Spirit did.  Certainly one can more anointed or less anointed based on their desire and pursuit.  Elisha pursued Elijah through several cities each of which was symbolic of dying to his own will and pursuing that of his master.  (See 2 Kings 2:1-15)

When Elisha first made his request, Elijah answered, “You have asked a hard thing; yet, if you see me as I am being taken from you, it shall be so for you, but if you do not see me, it shall not be so” (2 Kings 2:10). After Elisha watched Elijah taken up to heaven, he picked up Elijah’s cloak. Returning to the Jordan River, he called out to the Lord and struck the water with the cloak. The water opened up, and Elisha walked across on dry ground. This act affirmed the transition of the prophetic office and it’s equipping from Elijah to Elisha as well as the fulfillment of Elisha’s desire and pursuit.  Glory to God!

Men from the school of prophets witnessed the miraculous crossing of the Jordan. “Now when the sons of the prophets who were at Jericho saw him opposite them, they said, ‘The spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha.’ (2 Kings 2:15). From that point forward, these men appear to have followed Elisha as their spiritual leader (2 Kings 4:38–41).  The spirit of Elijah means more than the Holy Spirit on Elijah.  It means all the grace, anointing and equipping that contributed to the ministry and attitudes of Elijah; such as the spirit of faith (an attitude) that operated in him.  Certainly an impartation took place as Elisha engaged and put a demand on his faith to receive this blessing and equipping.

Brethren, when you invite the anointing of Spirit of God by desire, God will surely visit you and flow through you by His Spirit as He wills and He actually wills to move in you more than you can imagine.

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