APRIL 14, 2019


Psalm 120:2

Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips,and from a deceitful tongue.

Dear Family,

I thank my God for every remembrance of you, having a full understanding of what you go through on daily basis, and you still stand in the hope of the calling of God. Glory be to God for sustaining, protecting, and perfecting all things that concern you. This week we want to talk about why we should always speak the truth.

When you deliberately create a false impression, the Bible calls it “dealing in falsehood…error, deception, cheating” (Rev. 22:15) AMP. That may sound harsh especially if all you had in mind was make an extra shilling, sparing someone’s feelings, or trying to make yourself look better.

No human being would set such a standard but God does. And He is serious about it. When Anania and Saphira created a false impression about their giving, they dropped dead in front of the apostles. (Acts. 5:13)NIV How long would you have lasted in that church?

The intriguing thing is what went on behind the scenes. Peter said, “ You have not lied to men but to God”(v4 NIV). There is no way this couple would willingly, and intentionally want to lie to God….but they did; though they thought…oh, this is just Peter and the other ministers…who do they think they are?…. They took the men of God for granted not knowing, they were not lying to Peter but to God. This is a sure statement that when you give, or serve in God’s house, you are serving God, not man. I see that a lot of times. During offering, some people fold an empty envelope and give, causing the impression that they are giving. ITS A LIE. This is extremely dangerous…..because they are not lying to men but God. They may not die physically like Anania and Saphira, but they still die in other areas of their lives.

We should be able to say like Solomon: “My mouth speaks what is true…All the words of my mouth are just: none of them is crooked or perverse”. (Proverbs. 8:7-8 NIV).

Some of the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves, and end up believing. Another thought, A lier’s biggest problem is that they cannot believe anyone else, because, how you live your life is how you judge your neighbor. So if you have a problem telling the truth, please pray, Lord,Deliver me from lying lips and a deceitful tongue. Check out your SPREADING THE LIGHT BULLETIN next week. Stay blessed.