Dearest brethren,

Last week we studied how tithing is an acknowledging covenant action of Almighty God as Owner of heaven and earth and that He receives His tithe through our High Priest/King Jesus who is the High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. (See last week’s lesson to find out who Melchizedek was.)



Before we look at how we actually do our tithing, let me show you some of the benefits to tithing:

  • Through tithing you acknowledge that your last increase came from God. The Bible says: ”in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”  (Proverbs 3:6)

  • Tithing allows God to get involved with your finances. It gives Him an entrance to your financial life.  God will not interfere in your affairs without your permission/yieldness to Him.  Through tithing you do your part of the financial covenant thereby allowing God to do His part.
  • Tithing opens you up to the Blessing of the New Covenant by partnering/cooperating with its Guarantor; the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Tithing enables you to keep money in it’s perspective by putting God first. It keeps you free from the love of money.  (Deut. 14:23  The purpose of tithing is to teach you always to put God first in your lives. TLB)


Now let’s look at Specific Steps on how to tithe based on the example given to us from Deut. 26:1-19.

Remember the things they did in the Old Testament were written to be examples to us:  (1 Cor. 10:6,11)


  1. Set God’s tithe apart off the top (the first and the best part of your income) as holy and consecrated to the Lord.
  1. Bring it to the priest of your time (for us, to Jesus) with praise and thanksgiving rehearsing your covenant, what it means to you and remembering where the Lord brought you from as well as acknowledging Him as the Source of your increase.
  2. Worship the Lord with it.
  3. With an attitude of rejoicing, present God’s tithe to the Lord with Words.  (Example:  I present this tithe to you Jesus my High Priest with gratitude.)
  4. Receive the Blessing of the tither.  Believe and say the things promised to the tither.  (See example in Malachi. 3:10-12).
  5. Take God’s tithe to your local church and leave it under the stewardship of the pastor.

You will find each of these steps in Deuteronomy chapter 26.  You do this at home or in your private place as your worship to Him before you bring it to the local church.  We’ll elaborate more on the tithe the next time.  Till then, make up your mind to be a consistent tither.  It is vital to your worship and honor to God your Source.